End Spying in Minneapolis


Welcome to the home of Restore the Fourth Minnesota (RT4MN). The United States has long strayed from the original intent and spirit of the Fourth Amendment. Minnesota, and particularly the Twin Cities, face domestic militarization and mass surveillance on a large scale. Everything ranging from cellphone surveillance, intelligence fusion centers, spyplanes, drones, and more can be used and abused by those we pay to protect our Constitutional rights.

A few months prior to the uprising following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, RT4MN members helped to form a coalition seeking strict regulations regarding police surveillance and military equipment. The goal of this coalition at it’s inception was to pass an ACLU style “CCOPS” ordnance in Minneapolis. We have since crafted a bill that will fight even harder than the original proposal known now as POSTME (Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology and Military Equipment) which also builds off recent successes to reign in police power in New York City.

POSTME is currently going through the motions within city government.

Restore the Fourth Minnesota needs your help to get this law passed and to continue the fight against unconstitutional surveillance. Follow our social media, educate your friends, write a letter to the editor in support of POSTME, stay tuned for petitions and other calls to action, and stay tuned to this website for more!

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