Tell Your Rep: Put an End to Government Use of Face Surveillance

We need a federal moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology. Even if it did work as advertised (and there is a mountain of evidence suggesting it does not) it’s a deeply invasive form of surveillance technology: able to track just about anyone’s movements thought their day and constantly putting ordinary people in a 24/7 police line up. Current regulations are limited to municipal ordinances like the ones we passed in Minneapolis, but that isn’t enough.

We need to act quickly to put an end to government use of this dangerous technology at a federal level. The Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act of 2021 would effectively ban government use of highly invasive facial recognition technology, as well as other biometric surveillance tech.

Click the button above to write to your congressperson and let them know you support the bill, and as always feel free to get involved with our local efforts to put an end to the surveillance state.

You can learn more about Face recognition by reading Restore the Fourths Issue paper on FRT, or the primer put together by the local Safety Not Surveillance Coalition.

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