What is CCOPS

CCOPS (community control over police surveillance) is a model bill which offers a framework for acquiring new surveillance technologies and using existing ones, rather then attempting to pass new regulations every time a new surveillance technology appears on the market. The process can vary, but in general it works like this:

First, the department seeking to use a new kind of surveillance technology generates a public-impact report and use policies specifying under what circumstances the technology can be used. After public comment is taken, the city council can approve or reject the proposal. If approval is given, there is periodic review of the technologies use and whether or not the city should still use the tech.

By requiring a public vote and impact reports and correcting the abuses of power caused by previous surveillance tech, CCOPS measures help restore the balance of power between the government and the community.

So far, 19 communities that we know of have passed versions of CCOPS laws:

You can directly download the pdfs and docs from our nextcloud instence as well