Remembering Snowden 9 years Later

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On June 5th 2013, The Guardian Published its first story the phone records meta-data program, the first of the snowden leaks, and on June 6th, the guardian and the washignton post published stories about the PRISM program.

Join us on the aniversory of the news stories that sparked our movment for a deep dive into the snowden leaks, the protests and activism and reform that resulted, and what work still needs to be done to restore the protections of the fourth ammendment against these abuses.

No registration is necessary. You can watch the pannel on our peertube and youtube channel.


In keeping with our values on privacy and data sovereignty, for this event we will be using Free and Open Source software (Jitsi and peertube) which respects your privacy and runs on hardware owned and under the physical control of our friends at, a friendly Minnesota hacker collective.

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