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We depend on generous supporters like you to carry out our work. By donating now, you help equip our experts to host workshops and panel discussions, advocate to lawmakers, procure hardware for anti-surveillance research, and maintain our digital infrastructure.

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We appreciate your support and invite you to choose from the exciting collection of thank-you perks below. RT4MN is a volunteer run organization, so all of these perks are available at no cost to folks who pitch in!
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Gives you access to a behind the scenes mailing list and other members only infrastructure such as our Mastadon and Peertube instances.

Minimum: $ 10.00
You must contribute at least $ 30.00 to get this item
In addition to all the perks of membership, you will have access to the chapters shared Wireguard VPN server.

Minimum: $ 30.00
Burner Phone Numbers
Burner Phone Numbers
You must contribute at least $ 50.00 to get this item
In addition to Membership and access to our shared VPN, you will get your own "burner" phone number from https://jmp.chat that you can use to send a receive text messages from your browser or a free app.

Minimum: $ 50.00
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